Celebrate Iced Tea with Bubble Tea like they do in Taiwan and Thailand with this sampler. Discover the difference between “shaken” and “stirred” with your FREE milk frother.

  • Taste three kinds of Tea from Taiwan and Thailand: High Mountain Oolong, Native Black, and Blue Butterfly
  • Try some Boba with different syrups
  • Have FUN with the recipes too!

Bubble Tea Sampler

PriceFrom $17.95
  • These boba come in many flavors, but they do not ship well. Therefore, they are only available at events like the Midwest Tea Festival and local deliveries. The Sampler Packs ship with extra Tapioca Pearls and cooking instructions.

  • Each sampler kit includes a link to instructional videos and the items listed below. Signup for our Mailing List to find out when the next Live class is scheduled.

    • Three soft-paks of Tea: Assam Gold (black tea), Dong Ding (oolong tea from Taiwan), and a strong Black Tea from Thailand.
    • Two capsules of Unicorn Tisane to make "Blue Matcha" which has no caffeine and changes color when you add lemon.
    • Black and White Tapioca Pearls with cooking instructions in English
    • Squeeze bottle of Sweetened Condensed Milk
    • Ginger crystals and Honey