Turtle Dove is a fun blend of a full-bodied, known source black tea and South African rooibos with other natural herbs and flavors, for a smooth pick-me-up instead of a caffeinated jolt. It can satisfy a chocolate craving without any added sugar or sweetener.

Ingredients: rooibos, black tea, honeybush, cocoa nibs, roasted dandelion root, anise seed, cornflowers.


Directions: Steep one spoonful per 8 ounces of 195°F water for 3 minutes. Strain and serve.

Turtle Dove

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  • If you watch your favorite barrista make a chai latte, he puts a chai concentrate into your cup. Then he checks the temperature and frothiness of the milk, before he adds it to your cup. The artwork is done with cinnamon, but here's how you can do the rest:

    1. Steep 2 pyramid teabags or 4 grams of Turtle Dove tea in 10 to 12oz of 195 F water for 5 to 7 minutes.
    2. Strain into small, 2-cup teapot to keep it hot.
    3. Warm up about a cup of milk or cream or almond milk to just above room temperature. Add a spoonful of Grandma Molly's Chai Syrup to sweeten or spice up the milk to taste.
    4. Whip up the milk. An electric frother can heat and froth the milk at the same time, but a simple hand-held frother lets you control the bubbles better, and it's way easier to clean.
    5. Assemble your latte. Pour about half a cup of strong tea in cup. Shake a layer of cinnamon or cocoa powder on it, if you want to try latte art. Pour the frothy milk over it.
    6. Enjoy! 
    7. Repeat with the rest of your tea or share with someone you care about.